AP 70 Wall mounted dehumidifier

AP series pool dehumidifier system is made in Germany. It is very easy to install and operate. this indoor pool dehumidifier can be wall mounted with bracket or it can be floor mounted. Its extremely elegant look make to place on floor in your indoor swimming pool area. Unit has depth of only 24 cm with intake of humid air from front side and throw of dry air from top side. Unit indoor pool dehumidifier system has provision to add fresh air if required. This unit available in two capacities; AP50 has extraction capacity of 47 liters per day and AP70 has extraction capacity of 62 liters per day.

AP indoor pool room dehumidifierThis pool dehumidifier has quite operation and incorporated with control panel from which we can set required humidity level. With help of built in hygrostat and humidistat unit will stop dehumidifier when set point is reach and start automatically again if pool room humidity increases. Under standard conditions AP 70 model is sufficient from swimming pool of surface area up to 40 square meter and AP 50 for 25 square meter. To install unit, user need to fix wall bracket and hang unit on it, connect power and drain and switch on Unit. Unit works on condensation principle. Control panel has neon light indication for “humidity ok”, “thermal switch off” and “Defrost” mode. Unit has automatic defrost facility which unit turn on whenever required. Unit consists of fully hermetic rotary compressor with R134 refrigerant gas, copper tube (with corrosion proof coating) made heat exchanger make unit very efficient. Unit comply protection standard of IPX4. Unit can optionally fitted with condensate pump if required and socket for fresh air in case you like to take some fresh air. Unit is suitable for whirlpool, sauna, spa and changing room etc.

Details Specifications of AP series Pool Dehumidifier system.

Extraction / Power Consumption                                                                                   Filter

at 30°C / 80% r.h.  =  62.4 l/24h   /   1000 Watts/h                                                   Yes

at 27°C / 60% r.h.  =  33.6 l/24h   /   850 Watts/h                                                     Working Range

at 20°C / 60% r.h.  =  24.0 l/24h   /      720 Watts/h                                                +10°C up to +32°C

at 10°C / 70% r.h.  =  15.0 l/24h   /      700 Watts/h                                                 +40%r.h. up to 95% r.h.

Voltage                                                                                                                                           Weight

230V, 50Hz                                                                                                                                  54 kg

Noise Level                                                                                                                                  Dimension (W x D x H) mm

52 db(A)                                                                                                                                       740 x 1024 x 261

Humidity Setting                                                                                                                      Drainage point

Available                                                                                                                                       Provided

Refrigerant                                                                                                                                 Air Volume

R134a                                                                                                                                            1000 CMH

Compressor                                                                                                                               Protection Class

Rotary                                                                                                                                           IPX4

Optional Accessories

Condensate hose 15 x 2 mm

Socket for fresh air

Pump kit

  • Wall mounted slick & Elegant design.
  • Heat pump technology and energy recovery.
  • Energy efficient radial fan.
  • Fully hermetic rotary compressor.
  • Facility to take fresh air intake.
  • Special heat exchanger made up of copper tube with corrosion resistant coating.

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