Dehumidifier calculation.

Let’s understand how to do swimming pool dehumidifier calculation. There are different ways of an industrial, swimming pool, and home dehumidifier sizing. The dehumidifier calculator must include all factors that affect the moisture level. For example, swimming pool dehumidifier capacity calculation should consist of the pool area, water & room temperature, type of pool, and indoor room volume. Find here the readymade dehumidifier calculation sheet.

Dehumidifier calculation to do dehumidifier sizing

Home dehumidifier sizing.

Home dehumidification calculation is the most straight forward of all. It based on the level of dampness and the area of the room. Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), offers a dehumidifier calculation sheet. This method divides dampness into four levels; Moderately damped, very damped, very wet, and extremely wet area. With the AHAM chart’s help, one can select the liter per day capacity of a dehumidifier. Therefore, the AHAM method makes home users an easy capacity selection.

It is significant to identify what level of dampness at home right. If there is a bad smell, only then it is the initial stage of high humidity. Hence, it can consider as a “Moderately Damp area.” If there is a formation of a black spot of wall or spilling of wall paint, then it is a “Very damp area.” In a very wet area, condensation observed on glass windows and ceiling. And one can notice water on the floor in “Extremely wet areas.” 

Industrial dehumidifier calculation sheet.

For industrial portable dehumidifier calculation, follow the attached sheet. Here are the guidelines to use this sheet.

  • The volume of the room is a significant factor. Thus, measure the dimensions of the room with accuracy.
  • Need to find out absolute humidity from the Mollior diagram at indoor temperature and required humidity level.
  • We need to find out outdoor absolute humidity. Other rooms can surround a place in the building. So the temperature and moisture of the surrounding should consider to find out absolute humidity.
  • The air exchange rate (ACH) is a critical factor. If the room is a typical storeroom with no fresh air intake or HVAC, then ACH should be as per the volume of a room, as suggested in the attached dehumidifier calculation sheet. 
  • If the storeroom has an HVAC system with fresh air intake, then we need to find out CMH fresh air to calculate ACH. 
  • Need to consider the worst outdoor condition like 20°C / 95% r.h. = 14,5 g/kg 
  • Mention the maximum number of people working inside. Humidity contributed per person based on the type of work they are doing.

Now, let understand the calculation for dehumidifier for swimming pools.

Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation.

It is significant to install the right size of the dehumidifier for swimming pools. Three crucial factors for pool dehumidification calculation are water surface area, pool water temperature, required humidity level, and room temperature. I am attaching the pool dehumidifier calculator sheet.

Forgiven room temperature draw a vertical line cutting curve of humidity needed. From the cross, the point draws a horizontal line to cut to the water temperature curve. From this cross, point draw verticle line to find out vaporization in liter for per square meter of pool area per day. The calculation will be the same even if it is a duct type or wall mounted dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Calculator.

Please find attached below different dehumidifier calculators.

  • Home Dehumidifier calculator sheet (AHAM Chart) – Click here
  • Industrial Dehumidifier calculation sheet. – Click Here
  • Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation. – Click Here

For the selection of the right capacity dehumidification system, always contact an experience dehumidifier supplier. It will save time and cost when you are installing an industrial or indoor pool dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier calculation with help of dehumidifier calculator.
Dehumidifier calculation. 3