November 15, 2016

CD-85L Dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms.

A dehumidifier is a crucial equipment for indoor pool rooms. On particular occasions, portable dehumidifier proves more suitable than fixed ones. It is challenging to install duct dehumidifiers once the construction of the indoor swimming pool is over. Hence, the user is left with the option of a portable industrial dehumidifier. Let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of these mobile units.

Dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms which is portable and industrial.
CD-85L Dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms. 4

CD-85L is a portable type dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms. On many occasions, consultants do not consider provision for swimming pool dehumidifier designing stage. It is due to a lack of knowledge or due to restriction of budget. As a result, the user starts facing high humidity issues once an indoor swimming pool is in full use. Ceiling mount system installation needs significant civil changes. Therefore, portable type dehumidifiers become the first choice.

Portable Dehumidifier.

In a simple definition, portable units are those which are easy to transport. It is always provided with wheels and a push handle. Thus, it is easy to relocate and easy to make operations.

Advantages of a portable industrial dehumidifier.

CD-85L pool room dehumidifier in Dubai UAE.

A portable dehumidifier for swimming pools does not need any installation. Just plug the unit into the power supply set the required humidity. Furthermore, the system is all set to start pool room humidity control. Thus, a portable dehumidifier recommended for personnel pools.

The portable unit has low installation, equipment & running costs as compared to a fixed one. Also, the maintenance of an industrial dehumidifier is much less than a fixed type. Hence, it is ideal for small residential pool owners. In short, CD-85L is the best option for already constructed small indoor swimming pools.

That is to say, small pools mean those are having a water surface area less than 30 square meters. Portable systems avoid all hassles for installing the duct unit. For large pools in hotels, sports clubs, or apartments, a commercial type indoor pool dehumidifier recommended.

Specifications of CD-85L dehumidifier.

Power Consumption                                                                                                                Filter

1100 Watts                                                                                                                                   G4 Efficiency

Voltage                                                                                                                                           Weight

220-240V/50Hz                                                                                                                         60 kg

Extraction (30°C, 80% RH)                                                                                                  Dimension (W x D x H) mm

136 liter/day                                                                                                                               685 x 532 x 422

Humidity Setting                                                                                                                      Drainage point

Available                                                                                                                                       Provided

Running Temperature                                                                                                          Air Volume

5 – 38°C                                                                                                                                        1300 – 1400 CMH

Compressor                                                                                                                              Water Proof Rank

Panasonic / Daikin / Mitsubishi                                                                                          IPXO4


Delayed startup for protection

  • The unit is full of features. Firstly, it has a high dehumidifying capacity. Secondly, the system is energy efficient.
  • CD-85L industrial dehumidifier is light weighted. Besides, it has a compact size.
  • This indoor swimming pool dehumidification system has a built-in pump.
  • The duct collar provided at dry air discharge. Thus, it makes flexible duct connections easy.
  • The body casing made up of non-corrosive high-quality plastic. Thus, the unit is suitable to use inside indoor pool rooms.
  • Most importantly, the unit has built-in hygrometer and humidistat. Hence, it can display the current humidity level on its display.
  • Adjustable user define humidity level.


User Manual.

CD-85L dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms.
CD-85L Dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms. 5

CD-85L for indoor pool room dehumidification system. 

This dehumidifier for the swimming pool has a small footprint. Thus, it occupies very little space in an indoor swimming pool area. The look is elegant, which will match with the interiors of the pool room. The body built with light and non-corrosive plastic material. Hence, it is suitable to use in the high humidity of the swimming pool. Easy to move with the help of durable pneumatic wheels and push handle.

Most noteworthy, the built-in pump makes the unit to push condensate water up to a height of 3 meters. Besides, the flexible duct can connect to the duct collar provided at the back of the system. Washable and easy to remove filter provided. The humid air intake is from the front side and dry air discharge from the backside. 

To sum up, CD-85L is the right choice for indoor pool rooms. CD-85L model supplied to many clients in UAE & Oman. Similarly,  in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia for indoor pool rooms. To know more about the CD-85L dehumidifier, please contact us. 


  • CD-85L is silent and compact. Thus, it uses in indoor swimming pools.
  • It is a heavy-duty machine. Hence, it is suitable for warehouses.
  • This dehumidifier uses in the water pump room. Likewise, for construction sites.
  • It is instrumental in SPA rooms.
  • Use as a dryer in waterworks. For example, it used in commercial laundry, carpet washing & flood restoration projects.

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