November 15, 2016

SPD-136L Dehumidifier for swimming pool


Swimming pool dehumidifier should plan at swimming pool design stage.

Dehumidifier for swimming pool is essential equipment to be select while crafting your indoor swimming pool design. In indoor swimming pool room large water surface of swimming pool exposed to room air. Evaporation from water surface of swimming pool adds humidity in air. Hence you can always observes high humidity in indoor swimming pool area. High humidity should be reduce with properly sized best dehumidifier. High humidity in indoor swimming pool area give one of essential favorable factor for development of mold and that is high moisture. Other two factor i.e.

warmth and organic matter is easily available at any SPD-136L dehumidifier for swimming pool to be decide at swimming pool desgin stage.indoor swimming pool. Due to this mold develop at very fast rate in indoor pool area than normal room. As we all know, mold is very harmful for health of occupant. Other disadvantage of high humidity in pool room is that you start observing bad smell in room. Foggy windows will become regular affaire. High humidity will also cause corrosion of metal objects in room. Since swimming pool water contains chlorine, which evaporates along with water from swimming pool surface. Chlorine act as catalyst in corrosion process. Hence you should emphasis on installation of dehumidifier for swimming pool. If you plan type of residential indoor pool dehumidifier at the stage of swimming pool design itself will help to get better performance of dehumidifier. Different types of dehumidifiers available in market which are wall mounted type, floor mounted type and ceiling suspended type. Once you calculated dehumidifier capacity, type of dehumidifier should be select based on your swimming pool design.

Details about SPD-136L dehumidifier for swimming pool.

Power Consumption                                                                                                                Filter

1100 Watts                                                                                                                                   G4 Efficiency

Voltage                                                                                                                                           Weight

220-240V/50Hz                                                                                                                         60 kg

Extraction (30°C, 80% RH)                                                                                                  Dimension (W x D x H) mm

136 liter/day                                                                                                                               685 x 532 x 422

Humidity Setting                                                                                                                      Drainage point

Available                                                                                                                                       Provided

Running Temperature                                                                                                          Air Volume

5 – 38°C                                                                                                                                        1300 – 1400 CMH

Compressor                                                                                                                              Water Proof Rank

Panasonic / Daikin / Mitsubishi                                                                                          IPXO4


Delayed startup for protection

  • SPD-136L best dehumidifier can wall mount or suspend from ceiling as per site requirement.
  • Unit provided with Wall mount controller.
  • Ducted type unit, which can be connected in parallel with supply or return duct.
  • Unit easily install with connection of power, drain and controller.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Filter is provided at inlet of unit.
  • Delayed start up for protection.


User Manual.

Description of SPD-136L Best Dehumidifier.

SPD -136L dehumidifier is ducted type dehumidifier which can be use for residential swimming pool. This dehumidifier is very easy do install and can be commissioned by following simple three to four step. Inlet and outlet duct and placed in “L” shape direction so that unit can wall mount or ceiling suspend without any clearance from one side. Casing of unit is made up of thick steel sheet which is painted with powder coating. Filter at inlet duct help to provide clean air. Quality compressor is used to give optimal performance. Refrigerant circuit use environmental friendly refrigerant gas. Unit can be easily wall mount with help of support bracket. Also unit can be suspended from ceiling with help of  four notches provided on suspended bracket. Wall mount controller is provided with unit. This controller has LCD display from which required humidity level can be set. Controller can be easily connect to unit with help of special socket provide along with controller. For big pool, multiple SPD-136L dehumidifier for swimming pool can be use.