Dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE

We are serving Middle East countries with our efficient products being a reputed dehumidifier manufactures in region. Indoor pool humidity control always been a challenging job. Each site is different in itself. Our experienced team offers right indoor pool dehumidification custom solution for each site. Our gamut of product includes wall mounted dehumidification unit, ceiling mount pool dehumidifier, ducted type dehumidifier and floor mount commercial dehumidifier unit. We are among the oldest dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE. We have long list of client who buy dehumidifier from us over last one decade.

CtrlTech: A Reputed Dehumidifier Manufacturer

Dehumidifier manufacturer in UAECtrlTech has started its journey about a decade before. Over this period we have improved our product to fit customers needs. Especially for swimming pool dehumidifier, we introduced different models. SPD series dehumidifier for swimming pool is one of the most used indoor pool dehumidification system in region. Wall mount dehumidifier introduced which suitable for small personal residential indoor swimming pool areas. CtrlTech represent Aerial, Germany dehumidifier exclusively for region. With collaboration with Aerial, CtrlTech able to offer world class industrial and pool dehumidification solution to our clients. Aerial dehumidifiers are made in Germany with their patented technology. Other than pool dehumidifier they offer wide range of industrial dehumidifiers too. CtrlTech amongst few dehumidifier companies those offer dehumidification solution for most of applications.

How to Buy Dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE ?

Buying home dehumidifier in Dubai is only one call away. Just call CtrlTech at +971 6 5489626 or email your enquiry at CtrlTech executive will get in touch with you to ask some basic question like size of room, current humidity etc. to offer right capacity model. For swimming pool dehumidifier system you need to tell us only size of pool, size of room, maximum water temperature of pool water and we will do dehumidifier calculation to offer you right dehumidifier capacity  for your indoor swimming pool. CtrlTech offer following type of indoor pool room dehumidification units:

  1. Portable swimming pool dehumidifier: CtrlTech offers their CD-85L, CDM-50l & CDM-90L dehumidification units which are portable in nature. These units has wheel and push handle easy to transport from one place to other. These are plug and play devices. Just connect power, drainage connection and switch on unit. Set required humidity level from control panel and unit will function automatically.
  2. Floor mount dehumidifier for swimming pool: These are large capacity floor mount unit. FSD series dehumidifier systems are specially designed for large swimming pool. Capacity for this series start from 24o and it is up to 1200 liters per day. Centrifugal fan, expansion valve, honeycomb evaporator coil, quality sensors are some of the best features of this model.
  3. Ceiling mount dehumidifier or ducted dehumidifier: Most of swimming pool owner either wants dehumidifier outside of pool area or at least it should be invisible if it installed in pool area. Ducted type dehumidifiers are best option for such site. Our SPD series dehumidifier is ducted type which can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended (above false ceiling). Unit can be connected with supply or return duct of air conditioner unit. Or it can be connected independently, taking humid air from pool room and pushing dry air in same pool room.