Swimming pool Dehumidifier.

The swimming pool dehumidifier is vital equipment for indoor pools. Pool dehumidification avoids the damage due to high humidity. In the indoor pool rooms, moisture generated by the water surface. All factors should consider while doing dehumidifier calculation. Most importantly, the selection of the dehumidifier type. As per to site, a Duct, portable, or wall mount type unit needs to select. Expert supervision needs to install an indoor pool dehumidifier. The article explains all about the dehumidifier for the swimming pool.

Swimming pool dehumidifier for indoor pool humidity control.
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Why the swimming pool Dehumidifier needed?

Evaporation happens due to the room & water temperature difference. Evaporation increased humidity inside the pool room. The rate of evaporation will be high if it is a heated swimming pool. Therefore, the moisture in the room high. High humidity can cause many issues. Most noteworthy, it causes the development of fungus and mold. Thus, a swimming pool dehumidifier is needed to reduce humidity.

High humidity also damages the pool facility. For example, it generates lousy smell & pilling of wall paint. Similarly, it causes wood swelling and defects in electronics items. Occupant feels uneasy in a humid environment.

What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a machine that removes moisture from the air. Humidity from the air gets released with the help of condensation. Instead, the absorption process is suitable in some instances. Condensation based units are consists of a compressor. On the contrary, an adsorption based system equipped with a desiccant rotor.

Indoor pool rooms are always damp due to humid air. Hence, damages can avoid by installing the indoor pool dehumidifier. Besides, it improves indoor air quality.

Which factors affect swimming pool dehumidifier capacity?

It is significant to install the right capacity system. A low capacity swimming pool dehumidifier can damage itself. Likewise, overcapacity unit cost high. Thus, it is important to get the right size dehumidifier. Few factors affect the dehumidifier calculation result. Some of these factors are as follows:

Indoor pool water surface area.

Moisture generation is proportional to the water surface area. If more water gets exposed to air, it adds more moisture to the air. As a result, humidity in the indoor pool area increases. Hence, it better if we use a pool cover when it is not in use. In short, large pools need large swimming pool dehumidifiers.

Swimming pool water temperature.

Pool water temperature is a catalyst for the evaporation rate. A higher evaporation rate means a sudden increase in humidity. Thus, we need a dehumidifier with more process air. Hence, either reduce pool water temperature or increase room temperature. The recommended residential pool water temperature is 26 deg C.

Room Temperature.

Higher room temperature can counter the water temperature effect. Thus, it reduces evaporation by reducing the room & water temperature difference. Also, it avoids thermal shock to a swimmer when he comes out of hot water. Besides, it reduces the cost of swimming pool dehumidifiers. The recommended room temperature setting is 24 deg C. Most certainly, with a pool water temperature setting of 26 deg C.

Pool activity level.

The activity level in the swimming pool determines humidity. For instance, the residential type pool has the lowest, and the school’s pool has the highest activity level. The activity level is unit to significant how long the pool is ideal or occupied. The busy pool has more humidity levels and vice versa. Hence, a busy swimming pool needs a high capacity system.

Dehumidifier calculation.

We have discussed the factors affecting swimming pool dehumidifier capacity. Undoubtedly, the calculation should include these factors. Significantly, all these factors should note with exhaustive site visits. It cost heavy if any aspect gets ignored. Thus, it is better to hire a qualified professional for this job. Every swimming pool site is different.

An engineer can decide the right unit type with a site visit. A duct dehumidifier should be the first choice for indoor swimming pools.

Swimming pool dehumidifier classifications.

Types of Swimming pool dehumidifier.

One basis of two factors swimming pool dehumidifiers is classified. Firstly, based on the working principle. Furthermore, it segregated based on its mounting.

Based on the working principles.

Absorption & condensation are two working principles. The former type is also called a desiccant dehumidifier. In this type of system, the humid air passes over silicon wheels. Wheel absorbs moisture from that air. The wet wheel dried with the help of the heater. Thus, this type of dehumidifier consumes more power.

Condensation dehumidifier works on the refrigerant cycle. It consists of a compressor, evaporator, and condenser coil. Humid air condensed at dew point on condenser coil. At this point, moisture gets condensed into physical water. And dry air gets discharged.

Based on the mounting.

Based on mounting dehumidifiers classified into:

Wall mount dehumidifier.

These types of units are best for small pools. But, it has a limitation on extraction capacity. The maximum size available is up to 100 lit/day. Also, these systems are easy to install and maintain.

Duct dehumidifier.

It is the most commonly used swimming pool dehumidification system. It is generally connected to the HVAC duct. But, it is often fixed above the false ceiling. Thus, these units are invisible.

Floor mount Dehumidifier.

It is a free-standing unit available in higher capacities. Thus, it used flor extra-large pools. Its capacity starts from 240 liters per day.

Based on the application area.

Based on application areas, swimming pool dehumidifiers classified into majorly three types.

Home Dehumidifier.

These are small capacity units ranging from 10 to 50 liters per day. It is a portable type with additional features like filtration, on/off timer & different working modes. In other words, these are the primary machines.

Industrial Dehumidifier.

As the name suggests, these units are designed for industrial, construction, and production sites. Thus, these systems need to be robust and reliable. This dehumidification system has a high capacity. It can be portable or fixed type.

Dehumidifier for indoor pool room.

These are duct, ceiling mount, or wall-mounted dehumidifier. As mentioned before, it is essential to reduce humidity inside indoor pool rooms. And these kinds of systems are beneficial.

How to install a swimming pool dehumidifier?

Generally, portable and floor mount units are plug and play devices. Duct dehumidifiers need installation by an expert. There are different connection options. Connecting parallel with supply or return duct is one of them. Or taking air from the supply and discharging it into the room is another one.

The most popular and recommended one is an independent installation. It means do not connect the dehumidifier to the HVAC duct. A dehumidifier takes humid air from the room directly. And after processing discharge, dry air into the room directly. Thus, it helps to reduce humidity quickly.

Swimming pool dehumidifier features.

Five features a swimming pool dehumidifier should have.

One should make sure that the swimming pool dehumidifier should have the following five features;

  • It should have a built-in or external hygrometer. Thus, it should help the user to see current room humidity.
  • A dehumidifier should have the facility to set the required humidity level. 
  • The unit should have the option of a condensate pump.
  • A noisy system can create disturbance inside the swimming pool room. Hence, make sure that the machine is silent.
  • Quality and reliable parts should install in the unit.

Dehumidifier supplier in UAE.

Choosing the right dehumidifier supplier is equally important as that of buying it. In UAE, CtrlTech offers its services for more than a decade. In short, they are a one-stop-shop for all kinds of dehumidifiers. CtrlTech team helps its client to select the right pool dehumidification solution.

From this article, we can make the following learning,

  • The swimming pool dehumidifier is a vital piece of equipment.
  • It is a must-have machine from every indoor pool room.
  • The selection of the right capacity and type of dehumidifier is essential.  
  • A condensation based dehumidifiers are most suitable for pool rooms. Furthermore, always prefer duct type.
  • Always prefer the independent installation. Thus, it will improve performance.
  • Always contact an expert like CtrlTech for the right solution.