March 10, 2020

Dehumidifiers for Swimming pools.

CtrlTech offers a wide range of dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Therefore, they provide a total solution for humidity control. They offer wall mount, floor mount, ceiling suspended, and duct unit.

Dehumidifiers for Swimming pool and their features.

Swimming pool dehumidifier should have the following features:

  1. The unit should be silent in operation.
  2. It should have a compact size.
  3. It should have the option of external hygrostat. Thus, the user can set the required humidity.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. Corrosion-proof body casing.
  6. Ice should not form on coils.
  7. Automatic operation.

The following types of indoor pool dehumidifiers are available.

Duct Dehumidifiers for swimming pools.

Duct Dehumidifiers for swimming pool.

Duct dehumidifier installed above a false ceiling. As a result, it always matches the interior of any pool. A duct mount or wall mount humidistat provided with it. From this humidistat user can set the required humidity level.

For indoor pool rooms, multiple units preferred than a single big system. It helps to achieve uniform humidity reduction. It generally connected with the air conditioner duct. But when AC is off, then the unit can’t meet pressure. And hence, pool dehumidification performance gets affected.

Installation needs a single-phase power connection. If required, the drainage pump should use for free flow. The controller should place away from the discharge grill.

Wall mount dehumidifier.

Wall Mount Dehumidifier 1

It is suitable for small indoor swimming pools. Mounted on the wall and hence saves space. These units preferred for a pool of size less than 100 square meters. It is available in plastic and metal casing.

Wall brackets are supplied with the unit. Similarly, some of the models are provided with remote control also. Wall mount dehumidifiers for swimming pools have a slim design.

Wall through the unit installed on the backside of the wall. And so, only discharge and intake grill visible inside swimming pool rooms. The system operates silently. Due to its elegant look, owners prefer it.

FSD swimming pool Dehumidifier.

FSD stands for freestanding dehumidifiers. For sizable indoor pool rooms, this pool dehumidification system preferred. For instance, it used in sport and community pools. Features of FSD dehumidifiers for swimming pools are as follow:

FSD swimming pool Dehumidifier.
  • Compact design with high extraction capacity.
  • It fitted with a Panasonic compressor.
  • Honeycomb structured coil.
  • High-quality sensors used.
  • Expansion valve for energy saving. 
  • Casing made up of cold-rolled steel sheet.
  • User-friendly control panel to set humidity.
  • It designed with high airflow. So, it is suitable for warehouses, parking, and indoor pools.
  • Fully automatic operation.

Above all, it fitted with a quite centrifugal fan. G4 filters installed at the air intake. Besides, a large intake window provided.

Portable Dehumidifiers.

Portable dehumidifier use for the existing swimming pool. Hence, it is preferred if the owner doesn’t want to make any civil changes. It is straightforward to start. Most importantly, it is not expensive. 

  • Portable units are available in different capacities.
  • It can shift other locations if not needed in the pool area.
  • Portable units are also available with the built-in tank. Consequently, we need not worry about the drainage point.
  • It is available at less than half price than that of wall mount dehumidifiers.

How to install dehumidifiers?

Portable dehumidifiers do not need any installation. In other words, these are plug-n-play devices. Floor mounted systems are most comfortable to install. Besides, it is easy to maintain due to easy access. Ceiling mount dehumidifiers for swimming pools are most challenging to install. It installed above the false ceiling, and hence maintenance gets difficult.

Ceiling mount dehumidifier installation.

Consider following before installing a ceiling suspended system.

  • Make sure that there is enough clearance.
  • Supply and discharge grill should at least 2 meters away from each other.
  • The humidity controller should not install below the discharge grill.
  • Rubber pad should use while placing the unit on the ceiling hanger.
  • Supply grill should face to the pool while the discharge grill should face to the seating area.
  • Drip tray should install below ceiling mount dehumidifier system.

Wall-mounted system installation.

Wall mount system installation needs special attention. If it not installed properly, then leakage can be observed. Hence, better to hire an installation team.

  • The system should install as near as possible to pool.
  • It should not install more than two feet above the pool level.
  • The level marker should use to install the unit horizontally.
  • Enough access space should be there for maintenance.
  • The drainage pipe should be connected tightly.
  • Dry air discharge should not block by the ceiling.
  • Clean filter regularly.

Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation to select capacity.

Wrong dehumidifier capacity selection has far-reaching effects. Thus, always consult experts for the right dehumidifier sizing. Dehumidifiers for swimming pools capacity calculation should include the following factors:

  • The volume of the indoor pool rooms to decide the required airflow.
  • Room and water temperature to calculate the moisture load.
  • Type of indoor swimming pool so that activity factor can consider.
  • Exhaust air quantity to consider humidity removed by it.

In short, an engineer should do a proper site visit to consider all factors.

Where to buy dehumidifiers for swimming pools?

Dehumidifier Supplier in UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Finding the right dehumidifier supplier will save money. Further, it gives you peace of mind. Always select a supplier who offers you an extended warranty so that you get free maintenance. Nowadays, companies provide a minimum of two years’ warranty. Negotiate with the supplier to get the best deal.

CtrlTech offers all kinds of dehumidifiers. They supply in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. In other words, they serve the whole Middle East.

In conclusion, always select duct type dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Use the right capacity for the best performance. Most of all, select the right dehumidifier supplier.