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Dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool, Spa and Jaccuzzi.
Go to Villa indoor Swimming Pool

Villa indoor Swimming Pool

Dehumidifier for small indoor pool for personal use in residential villas. We recommend our SPD ducted or WMD wall mount or CD-85L portable dehumidifier for this application

Go to Commercial swimming pool

Commercial swimming pool

Dehumidifier for large pools in sport complex, schools or community centers. We recommend our FSD floor mount or SPD ceiling mounted ducted dehumidifier for such application.

Go to Relaxsation & Therapy Spa Pool

Relaxsation & Therapy Spa Pool

Dehumidifier for pools use for therapy and relaxation with fast dehumidification. These heated pool generates high humidity. Recommended our SPD or FSD dehumidifiers.

Go to Cold Room for food Storage

Cold Room for food Storage

Dehumidifier for cold room should be of desiccant type which can do dehumidification at low temperature also. We recommend our DD series Dehumidifier.

SPD Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool

Most suitable Dehumidifier for indoor Swimming Pool, Spa & Commercial Pools.
Indoor Swimmiing Pool Room Should be Dehumidifier Equipped

Indoor swimming pool always face issue of high humidity generated due to it's exposed water surface. Dehumidifier for swimming pool helps to reduce humidity generated by swimming pool.

CtrlTech offers special dehumidifiers for indoor pool room. SPD series duct mounted dehumidifier are easy to install, ceiling mounted type. Digital controller provided with SPD pool dehumidification System. It also can be use in Spa and Jaccuzzi area.

CtrlTech also offer Portable Dehumidifier & floor mount dehumidifiers for pool. CtrlTech offer total solution right from pool dehumidification load calculation to the commissioning of dehumidifier unit. Contact CtrlTech pool dehumidifier team for site visit.

  • Sutaible to integrate with Room Air conditioner Duct.

  • Easily can suspend from ceiling above false ceiling to save space.

  • Wall mount controller with LCD to set & monitor humidity level.

  • Complete installatin with only three connection; drainage, controller & power.

The indoor swimming pool area always has high humidity. This high humidity damages property, causes health issues. CtrlTech is the oldest swimming pool dehumidifier supplier in Middle East. Our products offered in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. Similarly, it offered in Bahrain, Kuwait and Africa. We offer all types of dehumidifier for swimming pool. Our product range includes duct indoor pool dehumidifier. Floor-mounted type commercial pool dehumidification system for large pools. We also offer portable type dehumidifier for small pools. Our SPD pool room dehumidifier is a ducted dehumidifier. It is the most popular humidity control device for indoor pool rooms. AP series is wall mount dehumidifier for residential pools. We make easy indoor pool room dehumidifier calculation & selection. We help to select the proper size of pool dehumidification system.

Dehumidifier Models

High humidity issue in indoor swimming pool? Relax, consider it solved with CtrlTech.

SPD Series

Ducted Ceiling mount Dehumidifier
SPD series dehumidifier are ducted type unit which can ceiling suspended or wall mounted. Unit can be connect in free mode or connect with supply or return duct of AC. Wall mount LCD controller provided to set required humidity.

CD Series

Portable Industrial Dehumidifier
CD Series potable dehumidifier are plug and play device. Suitable for already operation pools. Having capacity of 85 liter per day. This indoor pool dehumidification system is easily movable and with built in hygrostat and humidistat.

FSD Series

Floor Mount Dehumidifier
FSD series is floor mount dehumidifier with large capacity from 240 to 1200 liters per day. This pool dehumidification unit designed with high airflow and it is suitable for commercial, sport, community & therapy swimming pools.

WMD Series

Wall Mount Dehumidifier.
WMD series is wall mounted dehumidifier suitable for small residential indoor swimming pools. Slim & Elegant design, silent operation, easy to install are USPs of this product. Available from capacity of 60 to 370 liters per day.


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